An increase in online learning in K-12 is positively impacting the integration of technology in college campuses, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported recently.

A growing group of students in Michigan and around the country, having been required to take online courses prior to graduating high school, are now arriving at universities with “greater expectations that technology will be an integral part of their academic experience,” the article says.

In the nine years since Michigan first began this mandate, five other states have followed suit, with similar results.

Most important to note is the students’ desire for more than having technology feature in their classrooms. As universities test a variety of platforms and tools from online tests and quizzes, recorded videos and podcasts, and dedicated social media, students continue to want their technology incorporated into the learning experience in a more productive way.

We see the student as the crucial component of the learning experience. As such, the technology should adapt to the needs of the student, not the other way around. At an increasingly younger age, students will continue to expect education that is equally accessible and interactive, and platforms like ours will need to continually iterate to support quality online education.

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