It’s about time we explained all this.

This blog, that is.

We call it Outcomes, and it’s the content hub where we’ve been posting our perspectives and experiences as well as highlights of some of the outstanding research, professors and students that we’ve encountered in over 10 years of supporting expanded access to learning for people near and far.

If this is the first time you’ve heard the name HotChalk, you might be wondering what we are and why you’ve never heard of us before — and, no, we are not the latest trend in sidewalk art.

We are technologists, educators, marketers and student services professionals who all see a future where anyone anywhere can pursue their full academic potential.

Too often, the way people want to learn fails to align with their needs, their skills and the resources they most need to accomplish their goals. This is increasingly true for working professionals. Traditional graduate education models generally remove people from the workforce either completely or partially.

Meanwhile, newer, online, for-profit models can lack the depth of commitment that anchors most brick-and-mortar colleges and universities. HotChalk believes there is a better way.

Simply put, we’ve dedicated ourselves to empowering universities and colleges to extend their unique offerings, standards and skills online — in order to better serve people seeking graduate degrees, many of whom are in the workforce or otherwise occupied with jobs and families.

Through a combination of infrastructure support, data analysis capabilities, continuous improvement technologies and student-centric teaching advice, we help our university partners offer superior learning experiences, superior student outcomes and the opportunity for career progression. Because while there are thousands of great schools, few of them truly understand how to translate their offerings, their costs and their knowledge into a virtual environment.

Some of what we do centers on computers, digital infrastructures, numbers, data and stats. But what really drives us forward is the human-to-human interaction that we help facilitate. Instead of making one star professor and his/her course available to countless people, we connect the right professor to the right small group of students on a massive scale.

Put differently, our model is 1X15X1M instead of 1X15M.

We hope that Outcomes will continue to shed light on who we are, what we do and what inspires us. We will celebrate the successes of our partner universities, their professors and their students to show how technology applied in meaningful ways creates the best results for everyone. Their continued triumphs push us to continue our work behind the scenes and reaffirm our belief that the future of education is not only bright, but well within our reach.