We live in a world where self-promotion is king. From social media and television tycoons like the Kardashians to multimillion-dollar Super Bowl ads, it can be easy to forget there are many companies, including HotChalk, that choose to remain behind the scenes.

High-profile business partnerships are an important cog in the self-promotion/publicity-gathering wheel — Intel’s “Intel Inside” campaign is a shining example that comes to mind. Many partnerships, however, hum successfully in the background, sans glitz and glamour. These are partnerships where one company quietly but critically supports the business of another.

  • Netflix stores and delivers its video content over Amazon Web Services.
  • UPS manages the supply chains of many global manufacturing and healthcare companies.

Some of these partnerships are truly out of this world. The recent New Horizons spacecraft flyby of Pluto, for example, was a great victory for NASA and was made possible through the low-profile and highly professional efforts of scientists and engineers at institutions like the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. The list is diverse and endless. The one constant? All of these unheralded partnerships allowed each company to focus on what it does best.

At HotChalk, we believe passionately that anyone anywhere should be able to pursue his/her full academic potential. We believe that providing degrees online can help accomplish that mission; as such, we partner with not-for-profit universities to help them bring their degree programs online. So far, we’ve successfully helped thousands of students discover, enroll in and complete online graduate courses.

As a partner to many not-for-profit universities, we work to build their brands, not enhance our own. We work diligently behind the scenes to help our partners build their online presence; we provide students with exceptional enrollment and support services; we host university partners’ courses online in a best-in-class online learning environment.

We operate in complete transparency so that we do not cloud our university partners’ excellence. Students in programs that we support build strong ties with their universities and fully experience the high-quality education the institution has to offer. The fact that HotChalk helps facilitate that experience is not seen by the students — and it doesn’t need to be.

We are not totally invisible, though. The university administrators and faculty whom we support both see and value what we do. They appreciate that our services allow them to focus on their core academic mission rather than force them to develop the new competencies required to take their programs online.

So why have haven’t you heard of us? Bluntly put, we’re busy! We spend our days supporting our partner universities and their students; we’re focused on facilitating superior learning experiences, superior student outcomes and the opportunity for career progression. You may not have seen us on TV or on the cover of the New York Times, but universities have not only heard of us, they like what they hear.